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3 Logo Trends That Will Help Your Business Sparkle!

Posted on: 12-Jun-2018 13:40:54
3 Logo Trends That Will Help Your Business Sparkle!

Does your logo need some lovin? That’s because you didn’t come to OCM!
I’ll forgive you this time but maybe these 3 logo trends will help make your business sparkle.

First impressions count, whether it be on your very first Tinder date (you go girl) or that small identifier you use to brand yourself, that’s right, your logo. From your social media such as Facebook and Instagram to your stunning website or business cards. You want to make sure that your logo is getting as much attention as your new shoes, new power suit and new car. Just remember, simple is always best when creating a logo.

I’m not talking about just picking any old font, typing out your business name and you’re done! This is 2018, the year for creative and imaginative typography.

Split typography: Experiment with breaks between letters to achieve a unique design with thousands of variations to explore.

Chaotic typography: Create some chaos by organising your letters in a non-linear formation creating a striking and bold playful brand. 

Hand written: Sometimes it’s great to put that pen back to paper and create an authentic feel that typed letters are restricted by.


Take advantage of the endless number of colours and create a vibrant palette that’s sure to make those heads turn, still keeping in line with your brand of course.


Shapes allow for endless creations. The beauty of basic lines and shapes when combined can create a clean visual mark for your brand.

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by John Furno
Oracle Creative Media