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5 Great Tips On Creating a Call To Action

Posted on: 11-Apr-2018 11:14:37
5 Great Tips On Creating a Call To Action

For those who do not know what a CTA is, it stands for Call-To-Action, this is a marketing strategy used by almost every business, this is a request or instruction given by the business for the customers, usually receiving an immediate response.

1. Good phrasing

When creating your CTA (call to action) you have to think about what phrases it'll include as well as creating a sense of urgency. Most people will view a CTA without realising but might not respond to it so sometimes the technique creating a sense of urgency is valuable as you're more likely to receive donations, purchases, views etc. when creating your call to action phrases use action verbs such as "Sign-Up", "Register","Call","Subscribe","Donate","Purchase","Order","Share","Follow","Download", "Click here for" and at the end of most of these phrases it usually has the word "Now" to draw more attention as well as bring up sales or donations etc. An example of a big business that uses good phrases is Costa Coffee, on their homepage straight away they tell their visitors to "REGISTER TODAY FOR OFFERS AS GOOD AS OUR COFFEE REGISTER NOW" very clear and bold on what they want and they state why they should register.

2. Create a sense of urgency

A good technique to perfect is to create the sense of an urgency. This'll be very helpful for creating any CTAs for the future. This technique works very well most times, this creates a pressure for customers to purchase an item they might not have thought to purchase if there wasn't a limited amount of time, for example Boohoo.com will have CTAs displayed on their website most days if not everyday, they usually have a timer on the top counting down with their CTA usually next day delivery for free or very cheap. "HURRY £1 NEXT DAY DELIVERY ENDS IN 2h 28m 44s" making customers purchase items they most likely don't need but want that limited time offer. There are other ways of creating this urgency, usually using these type of phrases but with different times and dates. "Offer expires on Easter", "For a limited time only", "Act now before stock runs out" and lastly "Respond before 30th April to receive this product at this low price".

3. Try sample call to actions

CTAs are a good marketing strategy used by hundreds of businesses but they're not always going to work, even if there are bright colours, good phrases etc. some people just simply won't care. To test if customers would want what you're offering you can have smaller CTAs or a "sample call to action" this would mean offering something but for a limited amount of people and make it smaller but just as bright and colourful. For example "First 100 people to spend £25 or more get 10% off next purchase", if it draws attention and draws in business then make it bigger and personalise it for example "When you spend £15 or more on womens clothing here get 10% off your next visit" but send it via E-mail to those customers who bought that particular item/items. For example Fabletics sent an E-mail and offered a limited time offer "A free carpi use the code: KATEBDAY2016" but has below in smaller writing "When you spend £95" but this a small CTA as they could have extended the offer or changed it, this is to see if this draws customers attention.

4. Use colours

To draw attention to your CTA it should have colours whether there are multiple or only two colours. Colours can contrast, blend and attract potential customers, colours can symbolise what they want to offer and the target market for example the colour yellow is very eye catching and bright, this usually attracts “window shoppers” and the younger members of the public. Pink usually represents romance and feminine products and as you can guess attracts the female members of the public. The colour purple is soothing and calming to the human eye and this colour usually draws the attention of the older generation usually female and businesses use this colour to advertise beauty products and creams such as anti-aging cream. Red is the most noticeable colour and businesses usually use this colour when they have a products or multiple products on sales or on clearance and is used to attract all members of the public. Blue is used to create a bond and a trust between the business and the customer, this is the colour most banks will have. Black is a colour that represents wealth and power, usually the bigger and expensive businesses will use this colour to advertise their products which are usually luxury items and are meant to draw the attention of the wealthier members of the public.

5. Make your call to action big and easy to view

It probably sounds silly but a lot of companies fall on their CTA because it's unnoticeable, for example when Starbucks were introducing the "Pumpkin spice latte" especially for Autumn their homepage consisted of a red background, an image of their pumpkin spice latte and these words "Fall in love with Fall again" with the ingredients listed below. They had a button which was their CTA "Get cozy" the button was also red and white like their background and words, this is a poor example because the button blends in with the colours so it doesn't catch the viewer's eye, once the button is clicked it comes to another page labelled "Fall Favourites" so the "Get cozy doesn't make sense it could have a better label on the button as it's not specific for example because it's about their seasonal (Autumn) coffee being launched they could have labelled the button "The Fall Favourites".

An example of a business that has a big and easy to view CTA is Uber, they clearly state what types of people they want, riders and drivers, both buttons contrast with the white background and image as the buttons are green and labelled “Start riding with Uber” and “Become a driver” nothing could make it any clearer. The two types of personas are searching for different things but the website draws both types of people, especially with the video playing in the background. The video shows the drivers enjoying themselves as well as the riders. Words usually have to be large and bold or have contrasting colours so the CTAs are noticed. If the colours work well or only one colour on a button it won't get noticed unless the words are bold and clear.

by Jessica Hartfield
Oracle Creative Media