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6 Ideas to get rid of Design Block

Posted on: 01-Mar-2019 10:03:08
6 Ideas to get rid of Design Block

Ever have design block and just cannot get out of it? Here are some tips for when you are next in the situation.

  1. Rest – The worst thing you can do is sit and stress about it. You aren’t going to get anywhere with that! Do something you love, listen to music, go for a walk or just go to bed. Trust me, your head will be a lot clearer after.
  2. No idea is a bad idea – Don’t scrap a design you have made because you never know what you could make out of it. Even if it is just a simple sketch, with a bit of inspiration you could turn it into a design fit for the target audience.
  3. Colour – Selecting a colour for your design is actually really important and can help the design come together. It can also get a picture in your head for how you want the theme of your design to turn out in the end. For example, yellow connotates happiness or fun and red represents boldness and strength.
  4. Always carry a notebook – Whether it is to jot down ideas or do a little sketch. Forcing ideas is never the best choice; however, you never know where inspiration will hit you so always come prepared.
  5. Experiment – Trial and error. Who cares if it didn’t go to plan? Scrap it and try again.  An idea that you thought could never work out might end up being your best design so don’t just ignore it.
  6. Head out – Be in different scenarios. Get creative with people, emotions, colours, animals, nature and places. You never know what could fit your ideal design.


Good Luck!

by Megan Peek
Oracle Creative Media