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6 Steps To Get Inspired

Posted on: 01-Mar-2019 10:11:07
6 Steps To Get Inspired

Everyone goes through writers block every now and again; therefore, it is important that as a community we support each other and help spread inspiration.

Here are a few ideas from me that you could use from me to help get the creative juices flowing!

  1. Get Outside – Wherever you feel like heading. The world is your oyster. Sometimes it is good to just take a break and pace yourself. It is a good way to feel refreshed and gather some new ideas. Inspiration can come from where you least expect it -from places you go, people you meet or events you take part in. You may discover an engaging topic that you didn’t even know would interest you to write about.
  2. Use social media – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. Your blog should always be a topic that you know will engage the reader and social media is the best place to go. It is widely used so it will show you the recent trends and most popular topics that you can use and put your own spin on it.
  3. Take a concept you are passionate about – There is no point writing about something that you are not interested in just for the sake of putting up a blog. Make sure you have a lot to say about the topic and ideas will flood in. When you enjoy what you are writing about, it will not seem such a chore to put up a blog.
  4. Take risks – Besides what is the worst that can happen? Try something new that isn’t your normal style or topic of writing. You never know what talent you have that may attract different readers. Also, it is good to try something new, so each blog is something exciting and fresh for the readers.
  5. Write Down Ideas – Mind maps, Bullet Points even just a quick note in your planner. Whether that idea turns into a blog or not it is always useful to write down any ideas that come to mind for future references. Then you will not be stuck in this situation again!
  6. Feedback – Reflect on previous blogs of yours. Reread and see anything you will do different this time. Also, read the comments. Although it is important you are enjoying what you are writing, it is also important that the readers are enjoying it. See what they have to say or if they want you to write about anything in particular and act on it.

I wish you luck!

by Megan Peek
Oracle Creative Media