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Cheap website design services?

Posted on: 12-Jun-2018 15:12:18
Cheap website design services?

You may be a business owner reading this blog who is looking to save money by having a cheap website built, so that you can concentrate your money elsewhere!

Maybe you’re an employer who is trying to rack up some brownie points by saving your boss a bit of cash? Either way I bet you all know someone, that knows someone else, who can build you a great website for a cheap price, but before you hand over your cash, please just take moment to read this and then decide if you should be scrimping on what should be your number one selling tool.


I know a guy that builds cheap websites!!

We all know this guy and if you want to pay someone to build your website on the cheap then you can pretty much expect a quick turn around without any thought or research going into it.

Ask yourself, why are they offering a web design service at such cheap rates?

Possibly they live with their parents or it’s not their full-time job and just want to make a little supplemental income (probably cash in hand), they live in a faraway country where the pound is much stronger than their own currency and so on.

They’ll probably accept any images and copy you supply to them and then it’s a mission to see how quickly they can turn your project around.


Time to update your new website!

Some months later for whatever reason you may need to get in touch with your website designer, maybe you need the passwords so that you can update your website. I can guarantee that you’ll struggle to get their attention because they won’t have the time to deal with you as they are too busy dealing with their new client.

If you still decide to take a chance and go the cheap route, then please be sure to do one thing and this is VERY IMPORTANT ...  Make sure you purchase the website hosting and domain name with your personal email address.

It will make my life easier when you come to me to sort out your website later on.

by Scott Hartfield
Oracle Creative Media