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Does Google care about how many pages your website has?

Posted on: 02-Mar-2018 14:59:14
Does Google care about how many pages your website has?

When it comes to your website on Google, there are no exact number of pages that you should have. However, it is key to keep a few things in mind when updating your site. Google likes to reward pages that are updated frequently. This doesn’t mean to build useless pages just for the purpose of SEO, as you should always keep your content new and unique. Remember that your target audience do not want to be seeing pages that read the same information, as this can even deter them away from your site.

While making sure to not bundle your website with useless pages, you also need to make sure that you don’t have too few pages. Think about the reason people are coming to your site, which will mainly be for information. If your website is not providing the information that the person requires, your website then becomes ‘useless’. If this is the case, Google will push your site down the results as it isn’t considered ‘helpful’.

Remember to keep your website filled with as many unique and relevant pages, and not to add useless pages. There is no set number of pages that is considered a good amount, and instead it is about the quality of the pages. Just make sure that the pages on your website are different from each other and you’ll find yourself higher ranked on Google!

by Brad Barker
Oracle Creative Media