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SEO Keyword Density: How many is ideal?

Posted on: 18-Apr-2018 10:41:23
SEO Keyword Density: How many is ideal?

Keyword density is a highly discussed topic when it comes to SEO. Including keywords and typical search phrases to a page on your site generally increases your google ranking. So, the big question is what is the ideal keyword density? The answer to this is that there is no ideal % of keywords that you should use on your page. As long as you are including a good amount that aren’t the same. Many people include keyword after keyword and by the end it doesn’t make sense. A great way to test this is to get someone to read it back to you, that way you can hear if it makes sense. Try to make your page sound natural, and not like you’ve just forced keywords in.

Including too many keywords

The most important factor to consider when adding keywords to your page is not to add too many or make them sound artificial! There is something called 'keyword stuffing', which is when google recognises that you’re are purposely repeating keywords out of context, therefore decreases your sites google ranking. If the wording on your page sounds natural, you should be safe from this.

by Brad Barker
Oracle Creative Media