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Do You Still Need to Know HTML In 2018?

Posted on: 12-Jun-2018 15:23:55
Do You Still Need to Know HTML In 2018?

Believe it or not, in 2018 it’s NOT essential to learn HTML, although can be recommended to. With a complete range of templates and software to use, some may think that learning HTML is a complete waste of time, whereas some may think it’s necessary.

HTML is a helpful skill to know and will come in handy at times, for example if you’re knocking up an email template, making your content easier to read, or publishing a blog. There will be times you just want to add some style and effect to an element, and if this is the case then HTML and CSS are just what you need. If you’re planning on become a font-end developer or writing your own software, then I’d say that it’s essential that you are confident with coding HTML. If not, then you can simply steer away from learning HTML code.

If you’re just now debating whether to learn HTML, chances are you’ll never be better than the people that really know what they’re doing, due to the years of experience they have. Some people would say that therefore it would not be worth your time learning it when someone more experienced could do a better job. I still believe that HTML can be valuable to know. After all, the more skills that you know the better.

I don’t think everyone should learn it, but it can be good to know at least the basics. HTML and CSS are not too difficult to learn, compared to more advanced coding languages such as PHP and C++.  So, if you have some time to learn then get stuck in with learning how to code HTML.

by Brad Barker
Oracle Creative Media