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Is JavaScript Essential for Developing A Website?

Posted on: 12-Jun-2018 15:27:57
Is JavaScript Essential for Developing A Website?

The BIG question; is JavaScript essential to know when developing a website whether it’s for yourself or a client. The short answer is yes if you want your website to look fresh and up-to-date. As we all know, generally the cleaner your website looks the better. If you’re an upcoming web developer and debating whether the long hours learning JavaScript is worth it, then listen up.

JavaScript is intended to take webpages to the next step, to stand out from the rest. If you take your business or portfolio serious enough, you’re going to want to be implementing JavaScript into your work. With JS being so powerful and next to no hassle to setup, it’s no surprise that it’s the go-to for professional web developers. JS is a client-side coding language, meaning everything is processed via the user’s device. It is used to make a website dynamic, and this is not to say that it can’t without it. jQuery is a JavaScript library, which makes writing JavaScript simpler.

When choosing to take a shot a learning jQuery, it can be helpful to know some basic fundamentals of JS although this is not necessary. Overall, JavaScript is a great programming language to learn so go ahead.

by Brad Barker
Oracle Creative Media