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Should You List Your Pricing on Your Website?

Posted on: 01-May-2018 09:23:30
Should You List Your Pricing on Your Website?

The big question for every business owner comes down to pricing and listing it on your site. Is it best to display your prices? Or do you just leave it off? Here we are going to be listing some pros and cons of this topic so that you can get a better idea for your business.


Why You Should List Your Prices on Your Website 

Firstly, it’s what the customer wants. When someone visits your website, it’s likely they want an idea of what you do and how much your services will cost them. If your prices aren’t on your site, that could easily be a customer lost as they will need to take action that they shouldn’t have to. Some people may not want to email for information and wait for a response.

By listing your prices on your website, you instantly eliminate those who are not your target audience. There is no need to waste time on emails back and forth with information, to find out that your services are out of their price range. You will save a surprising amount of time by listing your prices on your site, as this eradicates pointless phone calls, emails and enquiries.

A number of people are worried about emailing for prices, especially when it comes to smaller businesses. People seem to think that you may charge a bit more, over those who you already have a closer relationship with. If people need your valuable services, they will find the money for it if they know you’re worth it.

When displaying your prices on your website, you want to make sure they are reasonable and fair for what you offer. Failure to do so can lead to too many customers clicking away, rather than using your businesses services.


Reasons You Should Not List Your Pricing on Your Website

Here are some reasons you may not want to include your prices on your website. If you’re like most small business owners, then your pricing is likely to change. If you feel as if your pricing varies too much, or you’re just trying to find the perfect balance then it may be best to leave it off until you feel comfortable with it. If you decide not to include your pricing onto your website, then you need to make sure that your portfolio is looking the best it can be to attract customers.


by Brad Barker
Oracle Creative Media