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Tips to creating a user-friendly website

Posted on: 07-Mar-2018 11:15:33
Tips to creating a user-friendly website

 At Oracle Creative Media (OCM) we believe it’s crucial that a website is user-friendly. Take a look at the helpful tips we have provided below to see how you could improve your website.

Make it responsive

In 2018 over 50% of people using your website are viewing on a mobile device, meaning if your website is not responsive it becomes practically useless to over half your audience. Responsive websites are pages that can easily be viewed on different device sizes (mobile, desktop, tablet). This is done by using CSS media queries, where the website will read what size screen the user is viewing on and change the appearance.


When designing a website, it is important to note how big your text, buttons and images are. Your design may look brilliant viewing on a desktop, but the opposite for your mobile users. Preferably you want to adjust the sizes of your text and buttons so that they are not too big or small, failing to do so can lead to users having to zoom to see text properly. A great font size to use for both mobile and desktop users is 16px, although it may seem too big or small, it saves the person viewing your website a lot of hassle zooming in and out. Image sizes are also important, as they need to be large for desktop users. If you keep this image size for mobile users, it can sometimes fill their entire screen, forcing them to scroll to get past it.


Having a short, interesting video on the homepage of your website is great! Make sure that the video is informative and only lasts around 30 seconds. This encourages people to stay on your website instead of bouncing away as soon as they get there. You can get a lot more information across to your audience in a video, rather than paragraphs of boring text.

Fast Loading Time

According to recent statistics, users normally give a website 3 seconds to load, otherwise they leave. This is why it is crucial to make sure that your website has a fast loading time. If a user leaves your website due to slow loading, that could be a customer lost because of an issue that is easy to fix. There are multiple possibilities as to why your website may be loading slowly, but the biggest killer is image sizes. Make sure that you crop your images down to suitable sizes and don’t save them at 100% quality. Another factor could be your hosting company, so it is important that you are with a reliable web hosting provider.

by Brad Barker
Oracle Creative Media