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Top 6 Design Trends That Are Taking Over 2018

Posted on: 21-May-2018 13:26:59
Top 6 Design Trends That Are Taking Over 2018

Listen up designers! We all know keeping up with the latest design trends can be a daily scroll through Pinterest or a constant flick through a magazine. As designers, our eyes are endlessly being inspired by billboards, posters, websites, and even the trashy junk mail taking up our kitchen bench. We are creatures of change, pushing the boundaries of design is in our nature and thinking outside the box is our job. 

This year is all about taking risks and design trend Number 1 is COLOUR! 
Why stick to those two brand colours your boring 18-page guideline tells you to when there is a whole pride rainbow full of glitter and sparkle out there for you to really stand out this 2018, just take a look at Spotify or eBay. 

Number 2 is... and I thought I would never say this… but colour GRADIENTS are making a comeback! 
Yes, I said it. In 2018 colour gradients will be everywhere and we’re loving it, from your Instagram icon on your phone to a range of websites including Skype, gradients can really enhance that simple and dull background making your look flourish. Try it next time you’re designing a website or maybe it’s just a graph that needs a little wow factor. 

Although stock images can be great when you’re feeling that little bit lazy and need an image to post in two seconds, but I believe original content is always best when it comes to social media. Images will be the first thing your followers will see on social media when posting content, so why not have fun and play around with that photographers’ eye of yours and start creating a library full of original content.
Get snapping! 

I know I’ve already mentioned colour but 2018 is all about taking risks. I’m not saying you need a complete rethink and rebrand of your colour palette but instead, be confident to inject some risky and bold colours in your design projects i.e. type, backgrounds, images. 

Now let’s talk type! One thing I really enjoy playing around with is a nice handwritten font which can really help your content jump off the screen on social media- whether your designing infographics, Facebook ads, or motivational quotes, try adding a bold or handwritten font to your image and hit post. This can really make your content unique for social media as well as showcasing your fun and playful side. 

Have you had a chance to look at our meet the team page yet? If so, you’ll notice our cute little illustrations of ourselves. This is a great and unique way for brands to differentiate themselves even more through unique content, showcasing a fun and playful side to your brand instead of a boring dull photo. 

Keep a lookout next time you’re out and about for those punches of colour and upcoming design trends that are taking over 2018. 
Get designing!


by John Furno
Oracle Creative Media