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What power does blogging hold?

Posted on: 01-Sep-2017 14:28:16
What power does blogging hold?

Mr Secret and Mr Bloggy both offered gardening services to the same area and they both had websites built to promote their businesses.

Both websites were built on the same day. They contained the same number of pages, words, keywords and images. Google looked at both websites and decided 'They've both done a great job – I’ll rank them exactly the same!' The websites did very well and, over time, so did their gardening businesses. So much so that other gardeners began asking Mr Secret and Mr Bloggy what the secret of their success was.

Mr Secret thought it would be crazy to let everyone else know his methods as they might become successful too, steal his clients away and he would not be successful anymore, so he remained tight-lipped and kept his trade secrets to himself.

Mr Bloggy thought differently. He decided to write all of his techniques down in a blog for everyone to see. 'If I show other people the best way to look after their own gardens,' he mused, 'then they will see that I know all there is to know about gardening and I will get more gardening work than ever!' Mr Bloggy spent an hour a week writing down his tips on gardening success and people commented back to him with thanks and appreciation. After about six months he had built up the greatest ‘how to’ guide anyone had ever seen.

One day, there was a garden competition in the area. Everyone wanted their gardens to look their best so all the competitors took to their computers and started Googling for gardening tips, tricks and techniques – how to get the best lawn; what is the best plant food?; how to do this; and how do I do that? Google searched for the answers on Mr Secret's website but there were none to be found. Then Google tried Mr Bloggy's website. Aha! Now Google had enough information to answer everyone's questions, so showed Mr Bloggy's website to all of the excited gardeners. They were very thankful, but best of all, now everyone in the area knew what a good gardener Mr Bloggy was and had learned all about his gardening services. In fact, they even shared his blogs on social networks and linked their websites to Mr Bloggy's so that some of the trust he had earned would reflect well on their own businesses. And the more they did, the more it confirmed that Mr Bloggy's website was the most popular, the most useful and the most trustworthy gardening business in the area and eventually Google forgot all about Mr Secret's website.

… It seems that all Mr Secret was really good at was keeping his business a secret!

by Scott Hartfield
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