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Who should be blogging?

Posted on: 05-Sep-2017 10:40:04
Who should be blogging?

Who should blog?

Anyone with a website

Why Should I blog?

  • Create more unique content on your website for Google to index
  • Share blogs on social networking websites to create create leads
  • Other websites will link to your blogs creating valuable back links

What should I blog about?

You’re trying to attract people to your website so that you can probably sell them a product or a service, so it’s probably a good idea to blog about things that are related to the content on your website. By doing this you can create internal links on blog pages that will lead to your service or product pages make those pages more prominent to search engines.

How can you blog about your service?

In this case I’m going to use an example business, let’s say a window cleaning company. Remember your goal is to create unique content for your window cleaning business so what can you blog about:

  • How to clean windows both modern and traditional techniques
  • How to clean window frames
  • Best products to use for the best window clean
  • Products to use for cleaning PVC
  • Best kind of water to use on windows
  • How to safely use a ladder
  • Blog about work you have done and make sure you put in a job location
  • Funny window cleaning stories
  • Conservatory Cleaning
  • Solar Panel Cleaning

It may not seem that interesting to you but Google will appreciate the content and will be happy to show this content to anyone that happens to be searching for this precise information and believe may people do.

by Scott Hartfield
Oracle Creative Media