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Why you should use Google My Business

Posted on: 27-Apr-2018 12:59:55
Why you should use Google My Business

Just like any social media network, Google My Business is here to connect your customers to you with ease. Whether they’re searching for your service or your business specifically, Google My Business can connect you directly.



Google My Business is a key factor for local SEO. For example, it allows customers to leave reviews via Google. If you didn’t know, reviews are important when climbing Google rankings and building a reputation for your local business. With Google My Business set up with your company, you’ll start to appear on local maps when someone searches for your services. Once your business has shown in their results, your information will be provided to the potential customer.

Gaining Trust with Customers

Google My Business is a great way to connect and gain trust with your future customers. With the Google Review system, it makes it impossible to hide negative reviews, giving an honest result. After this, if you still have an above average rating, it may increase your chances with potential customers. Considering that Google My Business is free, what are you waiting for? Join today and grow you customer base locally.

About Google My Business

Google my business is primarily for smaller local businesses who are looking to increase their customer size. When setting up your page, it’s important to remember that you supply professional, relevant images along with precise information. The reasoning behind this is that when your service shows to a customer on Google, your contact information will be the first thing they see along with images of your business.

Optimise Your Listing

When creating your listing on Google My Business, you want to make sure it’s optimised to the best it can be. Starting off simple but important, make sure to follow Google’s instructions precisely when setting up. The ‘category’ section is one of the most important, because if this is incorrect your business will not show up in results when your service is searched.

Think about why the customer may be searching for your service, they need quick and easy information. Make sure to display useful and easy-to-read information such as contact, location and opening times along with a short description.

Make sure to regularly update your Google My Business page with any changes that happen within your business. For example, if your store gets a new refurbishment, show it off and upload some new images for people to see.

by Brad Barker
Oracle Creative Media