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ERA / JSN Therapies Case Study

ERA / JSN Therapies

Jacqui runs a successful hypnotherapy and psychotherapy clinic but did not feel that the website that she built herself using one of the mainstream online website builders was working effectively for her. She wanted to highlight the two separate facets of her business – expert personal counselling and professional, industrial, work-related counselling for staff members.

The website construction process

To separate the facets of Jacqui’s business, we produced conceptual variations of two new, but symbiotic, logos for her to choose from. All designs were based on her existing logo in order to maintain some continuity for her existing clients. Her chosen designs were implemented across two complete sets of business cards, complement slips and headed letter papers.

We built a similar structure for both websites, but employed calming, nature-based images to reinforce a sense of wellbeing from a personal perspective for the public-focussed site, and joyous, people centric images for the employment/staff-focussed site. By request, both sites were created with an easy-to-use interface so that Jacqui could amend and update the content of her website herself, either from her computer at work, or remotely, from her tablet or phone devices.

ERA / JSN Therapies-featuredWhat we did:
  • Branding
  • Logo Design
  • Website
  • CMS
  • Business Cards
  • Stationery
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The verdict

Scott is very talented and I am so grateful to him. You have such a lovely team, Emma, I will certainly be recommending Oracle. Thank you so much, I feel really confident now – lots of people are really impressed with my websites and I’m getting more clients in so I'm very happy!

Jacqui Sayor Noble (ERA / JSN Therapies)