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SEO services in Southend-on-Sea

We are always asked the question – can you get my website to number 1 on Google?

 Any company that says they can without doing any research is lying to you, so we will not take on any job until we have done the research! We look at the businesses that are currently holding the top spot that you crave for your business. We study each page to understand why Google is rewarding them with such a wonderful position.

 The outcome is always the same - adding unique content to target key search terms. Thanks to years of research, OCM have a detailed understanding of how the Google algorithm works and all the elements that come into play for making sure that a website is super optimised to perform to its full potential on search engines.

Google Analytics

OCM measure the progress of your website by using analytical software such as Google Analytics. If sales are down, it is vital to every business to know why! Stats record your progress and will let you know if a promotion or campaign has been successful.

Search Console

The Search Console is a service offered by Google that helps us monitor and maintain your site's presence in Google Search results. We use the Search Console to make sure that Google can access your content and that new content is being added successfully.

HTML Analysis

OCM will analyse the structure and source code of your website to make sure that important elements are not missing such as title and description tags. OCM will provide a table of improvements so that you can pass them on to your webmasters.

Content Review

OCM will review your websites content for gramma and keyword density and compare the content to your direct competitors enabling us to understand how much content will need to be created. This review will be performed every three months.


Your website will need to match competing websites in terms of key phrases to gain a good position in search engines. OCM have a team of experienced bloggers that are ready to research your services to come up with blogging material. Google loves new content!

Google Adword

OCM have the experience necessary to setup and monitor a Google AdWords campaign with cost-effective keywords and phrases to compete alongside your competitors. We will be able to project the monthly clicks depending on the budget set aside!

Monthly SEO Packages

SEO Package Google Analytics Reporting Search Console HTML Analysis Website Content Review Google Adword Blogging/Pages per month
Silver 4
Gold 7
Plantinum 10