Oracle Creative Media

Meet the Team

Brain child of OCM, strategy junky, problem solver & mum of four. When not working, socialising with friends and family.
Emma Managing Director
New business director - aspiring Pointless contestant. Resident beer drinker & homebrewer. Octodad. Lover of Rugby.
Clive New Business Director
Social Media/Marketing enthusiast. Dabbler in design. Avid Insta-famous dog follower. Next adventure junky. Can't function without coffee.
Chess Marketing/Social Media Manager
Old School web developer venturing forward in the pursuit for higher rankings. Space invaders over C.O.D. Family over the pub.
Scott Websites/SEO
Graphic Designer: Australian wanderer, designer, lover of knitwear. Marmite just isn’t the same.
John Graphic Designer
The future of website development, PC gamer and lover of all things tech. Eager Learner. Loves travelling.
Brad Web Developer
Professional napper & butt sniffer. Countryfiles No 1 fan. Loves the outdoors. Squirrel chaser. Wannabe ninja.
Alfie Customer Support Officer